LM Hardware, the acronym stands for Luna Maya for Hardware, as she owns this new boutique. Using the name of Hardware because the boutique is the form of join veture between Luna Maya and Hardware. Hardware is one of Indonesian local brand who has a mission to encourage Indonesian product, and Luna Maya also has the same vision. That's why this join venture then named LM for Hardware. One of brand that realization of this venture is Luna Maya Jeans that is designed specially by LM for Hardware designers. The collection of LM for Hardware include, tops, (t Shirt, blouse,  etc), bottoms (jean, etc), accesories, and bag, and other apparel and accessories.
Many names of brand which are used by LM for Hardware taken from Indonesian Island names such as dewata, swarnadwipa dan borneo. Every name used in that cuttings present the island charcteristics in patterns, bordir, handtag design, etc. On May 2010, LM for Hardware launched new brand named La Lune that was first launching in Yogyakarta along with the grand opening of LM for Hardware in Yogyakarta. La Lune is one of premium brand which good quality of design and price.

You can find this boutique in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Jogjakarta (Yogyakarta).

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